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Pipette Servicing

Your pipettes are precision instruments that need regular maintenance and calibration to ensure that they continue to operate as they were designed to.

At Pathtech, we understand the importance of selecting the right pipette service and calibration supplier. That's why our NATA accredited Service Laboratory is committed to not only ensuring fast turn-around times for your pipettes, but also the peace of mind that your pipettes are delivering your valuable samples accurately every time.

To ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your liquid handling instruments we offer a wide range of high quality services. Regular service and calibration keeps your pipette in good operating condition and also helps extend their lifetime.

Call our service team today on 1800 069 161 to find out how we can tailor a service program to meet your needs.


When you send in your pipette in for service, correct decontamination is critical. To assist in the process, Pathtech provides helpful decontamination guidelines.

Please ensure that you follow the guidelines and send through a completed decontamination form with each service order.