Pipette Tips

Pathtech supplies a wide range of pipette tips across Australia for all your pipetting needs. If you’re looking for a global range of high-quality science supplies, Pathtech is the name to remember.

Our range of pipette tips is designed to help you protect your pipettes from damage and contamination as well as keeping them free from viscous solutions and other unwanted exposures. You can get filter tips, racked tips, and reload tips from Pathtech, and we’re also the place to go to buy your pipette tips in bulk across Australia.

Our filter tips are available in 8-10 racks of 96 tips and come in a range of volumes. Whether you’re looking for SafetySpace Filter Tips or Extended Filter Tips, we have you covered. We also stock Low Retention Racked Optfit Tips, 10ul-1250ul reload tips, and bulk tips in bags of up to 1000.

View our full range of pipette tips now to learn more about each individual product. For great deals on pipette tips, shop online now.

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Pathtech is proud to be the place to go for pipettes, pipette tips, and everything else you need for safe, effective, and reliable pipetting. Get started with our online range or contact us for further enquiries.