Pipettes & Dispensers

Explore the range of high-quality Sartorius pipettes available from Pathtech. Our team supplies a wide range of pipettes Australia-wide to suit your pipetting requirements. Pathtech also offers professional, NATA accredited servicing and calibration for your pipettes.

Enjoy safe, effortless pipetting thanks to the ergonomics, reliability, and innovative designs on offer from our team. We are proud to provide a global range of high-quality pipettes for Australia’s scientific sector.

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The Best Range of Pipettes in Australia

The pipettes available from Pathtech include single and multi-channel pipettes in both mechanical and electronic varieties. We also stock a range of pipette tips, pipette controllers and pipette aids as well as pipette multipacks and starter kits, which offer excellent value.

Multi-Channel Pipettes

The multi-channel pipettes on offer from Pathtech are perfect for all your scientific applications. Easy to use and comfortable in the hand, our mechanical and electronic multi-channel pipettes include products from Tacta, mLINE, Proline, and Picus.

All of our single and multi-channel pipettes are manufactured to meet strict laboratory standards and offer a sophisticated solution to your pipetting needs.

To request more information or secure your pipettes anywhere in Australia, view the Pathtech online range now. Our global range of high quality forensic and science equipment is sure to have something for you.

Buy Pipettes in Various Amounts sizes

Accuracy is everything in the laboratory. As liquids are transferred, your staff must have the appropriate pipette size to match the required task.

With options ranging from a 1ml pipette to 10ul, Pathtech stock a first-class selection of laboratory tools for Australian workplaces. This diverse collection features varying liquid capacity to ensure that you receive the precise amount required.

Through Pathtech, you can access a 10ul pipette, a 350ul pipette, a 1000ul pipette and finally, a 1ml pipette. For more information or advice on sizing, please reach to our knowledgeable staff and we can point you in the right direction.

Serological and Graduated Pipettes

Serological pipettes are essential tools that enable the transfer of millimeter liquid volumes. Here at Pathtech, we stock a range of high-quality graduated and serological pipettes for Australian laboratories and employers. Graduated pipettes are a subset of this group that feature distinct markings on the side. These markings allow the holder to identify the exact amount of liquid inside each pipette.

Whether you require a 10ul graduated pipette, or a 50ml serological pipette, rest assured that all Pathtech products are manufactured to strict laboratory standards. Browse the full range of graduated and serological pipettes now and explore our collection of high quality forensic and science equipment right here online.

Sartorius Pipettes and Dispensers

Based in Finland, Sartorius are a leading global manufacturer of high-quality forensic and science equipment. From packs of pipettes to tips, dispensers and other accessories, we stock the finest collection of Sartorius products on the Australian Market.

Sartorius pipettes are built upon three key principles - ergonomics, design and reliability. This dedication to their craft has firmly established these pipettes as the new industry standard. The Pathtech collection includes both mechanical and electrical alternatives - both of which are available for single of multipurpose use. In addition, we also stock a pipette controller to aid the process of liquid transfer.

Prior to purchase, Pathtech offers professional, NATA accredited servicing and calibration for your pipettes. Reach out to us today for further details!

Shop Online for Sartorius Pipettes and Dispensers in Australia

Pathtech proudly supply a varied selection of Sartorius pipettes and dispensers for the Australian market. Not only do these products deliver precise accuracy, but they are also designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Sartorius bottle dispensers are safe, efficient and highly convenient for professional use. In addition, each dispenser is easy to maintain and comes with in-built chemical resistance. Here at Pathtech, you can purchase these products in measurements ranging from 0.4-2ml, 2-10ml, 10-60ml, and more.

If you can’t find the correct sizing or measurement standard, out staff will happily point you in the right direction. We also offer nationwide shipping for all Sartorius pipettes, dispensers and accessories. Explore our full collection today.

Plastic Pipettes

Pathtech are a leading Australian supplier of plastic pipettes from Sartorius. Based in Finland, Sartorius remain at the forefront of innovative pipette design and technology. A plastic pipette is both disposable and highly convenient. This disposable nature drastically minimises the time and efforts required for cleaning.

Across the board, a plastic pipette continues to be a highly effective method of transferring small amounts of liquid. By opting for the Sartorius brand, you also receive the added benefit of their renowned emphasis on user experience.

Explore our current below or reach out to the Pathtech team for further information and advice.

Buy Plastic Pipettes Online

Offering nationwide shipping available to all corners of Australia, Pathtech can equip your organisation with Sartorius plastic pipettes in bulk. All Sartorius pipettes are built upon three key principles – design, consistency and ergonomic quality. This detailed focus helps to maximise your pipetting process in the laboratory setting.

As a NATA accredited team, Pathtech can also provide expert advice and guidance before you buy. Our knowledgeable staff are available to ensure that you select a pipette style that best matches your working conditions and requirements. This will be particularly beneficial when selecting the pipette size.