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Case Study - You don't have to be a large business to drug test

A landscaping company that services a large reputable private education facility is responsible for maintaining the grounds to immaculate condition. We speak to the owner directly about the company’s decision to implement drug & alcohol testing. 

Industry: Local Council Location: Queensland Local Council: Quilpie Shire

Quilpie Shire has been conducting drug and alcohol testing since 2009- with a broader policy developed in 2012 to incorporate screening of all council workers, contractors and subcontractors. Under the directive of the Council CEO, the Quilpie Shire conducts a program of random testing across each workgroup throughout the year. Testing on suspicion and post incident is also carried out, and staff can request a screen before commencing a shift if they are concerned about their own fitness for work. Prior to utilizing the Pathtech solution, Quilpie Shire was using a lolly-pop style oral testing product. “I started to look at alternatives and came across the DrugWipe… it was around the same time many of the Police Agencies across Australia had started to use it and that seemed like a good recommendation”

Industry: Abattoir Location: Melbourne

“Bringing the process in-house was logical. We operate as a lean business so we aim to maximise efficiencies where and when possible. Besides the obvious cost-benefits, undertaking our own testing gives us much more control over the process. It’s also more responsive in the event of a safety incident or if there is a suspicion that an employee may be under the influence, we can act immediately. The fact that is testing is carried out by a trusted and familiar face also makes it less daunting”

Industry: Local Council Location: Western Australia

The Council already had a drug screening program in place for cause testing. After identifying a desire to improve processes, minimise downtime & lower the associated costs involved, it was decided to investigate the benefits of bringing their Drug & Alcohol practice in-house. When looking at available alternatives, the Council elected to go with Pathtech because it was the recognised supplier of roadside drug screening devices to Police Agencies across Australia.

Industry: Transport & Logistics Location: Nation Wide

This Distribution Centre already had a drug screening program in place for suspicion and post-incident testing which required an external third-party provider to attend for screening.

Some issues faced were: time delays and associated costs with waiting for a tester to arrive, contributing to unproductive time for the team member, supervisor and business in general, along with the cost of the service. This also contributed to cultural perception of a reactive approach to the Drug and Alcohol Policy rather than a true proactive health, well-being and safety culture.