Pipette Service & Calibration

Pathtech provides calibration, maintenance, and repair services to extend the lifetime and ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your pipettes via our Service Laboratories.

Why is Calibration and Maintenance Needed?

All pipettes manufacturers recommend that regular maintenance and calibration is applied to maintain reliable pipetting results and to maximize the lifetime of the pipette. Pipette calibration is a fundamental party of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and quality systems and must be considered a vital part of any laboratory regime where precise volumes of fluid need transferring or diluting.

Pipette performance is measured as accuracy and precision or how close the dispensed volumes are to the target and how close the results are to each other.

Why choose us for your next service?

  • We service all major makes and models
  • We only use quality and reputable products
  • Upfront costs, no hidden extras
  • Experienced technicians
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Efficient customer service with the use of our Asset Management Portal
  • 10 years plus accredited laboratory

Meet Our Experienced Service Team

Our calibration technicians are comprised of 5-10 dedicated people who work across our single and multi-channel balances to provide efficient and accurate calibration of your pipettes. Our technicians have experience calibrating a multitude of different makes, models, and brands of pipettes. To enquire with any questions, you may have for our lab, please reach out to lab@pathtech.com.au.

Management And Administration

Adam Xing

Laboratory Manager

03 8480 3500
Ruby Nelson

Laboratory Customer Service

03 8480 3513

Servicing Team

Jarod Vermaak
Travis Liu
Simran Dhanani

How to send your pipettes in for servicing and calibration:

Before Sending Pipettes
  • To obtain a formal quote for calibration, please send details of pipettes and calibration preferences to your local sales representative found here.
  • Decontaminate pipettes. Methods of decontamination can be found here.
  • Complete the Pathtech decontamination form found here, this is mandatory.
  • Pack pipettes together in a box with a hard copy of the completed decontamination form. Ship to 46 Swanston Steet, Preston, VIC 3072 using the address label found here.
  • Ship pipettes using AusPost or your own courier.
Upon Arrival To Lab
  • Your pipettes will be received by the lab and booked into our calibration software: Qualer. You will receive an email notifying you of your order being accepted and current turn around time (TAT) estimates.
  • Calibration and service will be completed by our technicians.
  • Any work that is required incurring an additional cost will be advised to you prior to commencement where applicable.
Upon Completion
  • You will be contacted for payment details if a purchase order was not provided upon shipping.
  • ** Please note we cannot generate invoices for orders without a purchase order. You may request a billing summary or formal quote to generate payment from.
  • Once paid for, your pipettes will be packed and shipped to the return address provided on the decontamination form. Please note return freight charges apply.
  • Calibration certificates will be emailed upon dispatch. If you wish to access your certificates on demand, please email ruby.nelson@pathtech.com.au to be set up with a Qualer account and relevant training.

Frequently Asked Questions

We proudly calibrate and service most major models and makes of pipettes. We frequently calibrate single, multichannel and bottle top dispensers and service a range of brands such as Sartorius, Finnpipette (ThermoFischer Scientific), Rainin/Mettler Toledo, Socorex, Axygen, Eppendorf, Gilson, Integra, Nichiryo (Lab Gear), Ovation and many more!

If you have a pipette, you are not sure about, please email ruby.nelson@pathtech.com.au to gain clarification on whether we can service and calibrate your pipette!

We offer both Principal and NATA accredited calibration. Principal calibration offers accuracy calibration at the maximum volume of the pipette as well as 10% of the maximum volume. For example, a 300μl pipette will be calibrated at 300μl and 30μl.

NATA accredited calibration will calibrate pipettes at the maximum, middle and 10% of the maximum volume. For example, a 300μl pipette will be calibrated at 300μl, 150μl and 30μl.

Calibration certificates are emailed to you once your order has been paid for and dispatched, please check your junk/spam folder! If you cannot find them, please email lab@pathtech.com.au to have them resent to you. To access your certificates on demand for audits and your own records, please email ruby.nelson@pathtech.com.au to be set up with a Qualer account.

Yes, we do! Through our new trade in program, we can take damaged, unusable, and old pipettes in exchange for large discounts on a replacement pipette. For more information, please reach out to your local sales representative found here.

Pipettes are considered under warranty for 2 years after purchase. If you have a pipette that is currently under warranty and has a fault that is not caused by human error, we will service and repair this free of charge. You will not be charged for any spare parts or replacements.

Please note that calibration is not included in the warranty service! If you would like your repaired asset calibrated after service, please note this on the decontamination form.

To take advantage of this, please send your pipettes in for service only and provide purchase details in the warranty section of the decontamination form.

Please follow the process explained here and ship your pipettes with a hard copy, completed decontamination form inside the package. You must use AusPost or your own courier to ship the pipettes to our laboratory.

Yes, external calibration is typically necessary for a new pipette if you are a NATA lab. Calibration is a critical step in ensuring the accuracy and precision of pipettes, which are commonly used in laboratories for accurate liquid dispensing. External calibration involves comparing the actual performance of the pipette with the manufacturer's specifications. This is done by using calibration instrument to measure the volume of liquid dispensed by the pipette. The calibration process helps identify and correct any deviations from the specified accuracy and precision.

If you are a non-NATA lab, then please refer to your usual calibration operating procedure. In general terms, these usually accept the manufacturer's specifications on a brand-new pipette.

The right time to calibrate pipettes depends on several factors, including the frequency of use, the nature of the liquids being dispensed, and the specific requirements of the laboratory. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • New pipettes: New pipettes should be calibrated before first use. This initial calibration ensures that the pipette meets the manufacturer's specifications and performs accurately.
  • Regular intervals:: Pipettes should be calibrated at regular intervals, typically every 3 to 12 months, depending on usage frequency. High-precision pipettes used for critical applications may require more frequent calibration.
  • After repair or maintenance: If a pipette undergoes repair or maintenance, it should be recalibrated before being put back into service.
  • After significant changes: Calibrate pipettes after any significant changes, such as adjustments, replacements, or changes in environmental conditions that may affect performance.
  • Before critical experiments: Calibrate pipettes before important experiments or when working with sensitive assays that demand precise volumes.
  • After exposure to harsh conditions: If a pipette is exposed to extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, or physical stress, it should be recalibrated to ensure accuracy.
  • According to regulations and standards: Some laboratories may follow specific regulations or standards that dictate the frequency of pipette calibration. Make sure to comply with any relevant guidelines.
  • As part of a preventive maintenance program: Including pipette calibration as part of a broader preventive maintenance program can help ensure that laboratory equipment is always in optimal working condition.

Please contact your State account manager here.

Our lab can cater to orders of any size. Our average sized order is 20 pipettes with a mix of single and multi-channel pipettes. Orders larger than 30 may see a longer turn-around-time so please reach out to your state's account manager here for a TAT estimate or formal quote.

Pipette calibration and servicing occurs on site at our laboratory in Preston, Melbourne VIC. We do not offer mobile calibration or servicing. A courier will need to be organized from your place of business to our address below:

46 Swanston Street, Preston, VIC, 3072.