Pre-Employment and Workplace Drug Testing Kits

Pathtech supply a first-class range of drug testing kits for employers, including coverage of the vital pre-employment selection process. Our certified workplace drug testing kits are available in the form of saliva or urine detection. Whether instant or rapid (5-10 mins), these kits can detect up to 14 different drug classifications. In addition, all products come with fast nationwide shipping to all corners of Australia.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Kits in Australia

Whether pre-employment testing is required or strongly advised in your industry, organisations must possess the necessary tools to assess prospective employees. On the other hand, foregoing this process can have major implications for your business, including a breach of industry guidelines.

Here at Pathtech, we supply a full range of pre-employment drug testing for Australia's businesses. These highly accurate, efficient tests are the perfect way to screen potential employees and avoid future incidents. For more information on pre-employment drug testing in Australia, don't hesitate to reach out to our staff today.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Kits

More and more industries are now requiring regular workplace drug testing for all employees. Here at Pathtech, we supply a varied selection of workplace drug and alcohol testing kits to ensure that your organisations meet all employment guidelines. We sell THC drug test kits, breathalysers, instant urine tests, salvia kits and more.

Order right here online or reach out to the Pathtech team for all enquiries.

Dependable Drug Test Kits for Businesses

Whether you require commercial drug test kits for pre-employment or the current workforce, all Pathtech supplied products are industry certified and manufactured to strict standards. Having the appropriate business drug testing is now critical for organisations across various Australian industries. To ensure that you are meeting all guidelines and compliance standards, buy online and receive Pathtech's signature nationwide shipping.