Mechanical Single Channel

Mechanical Single Channel

Safe, effortless, and available in a wide variety of volumes, the mechanical pipettes from the Pathtech team are perfect for a full range of applications. Pathtech offers Tacta pipettes, mLINE pipettes, Proline Plus Pipettes, and much more.

Mechanical Pipette

The premium mechanical pipettes from Pathtech offer excellent comfort due to an ergonomic handle design, complete control due to advanced pipetting technology, and a range of features to minimise the risk of contamination. This results in reliable, repeatable, high-quality outcomes that meet the standards of even the strictest laboratory environments.

To learn more about any of our mechanical pipettes, browse our range now and shop online for a great deal. Pathtech also stocks electronic pipettes in single and multi-channel varieties.

Tacta Pipettes

A subset of the Sartorius range, Tacta pipettes provide a safe and effortless experience for the user. These first-class mechanical utensils are purpose designed for comfort and feel, also featuring an easy-to-read display with four digits.

Pathtech’s Tacta pipette collection contains a wide range of different sizes and measurements. Each available Australia wide, you can find everything from 1-ch 0.1-3ul to 1-ch 1-10ml capacity. Once a purchase is made, our NATA certified team can also provide any follow up servicing and maintenance.

Order Tacta products today and receive fast shipping to all corners of Australia.

Shop Online for The Best Range of Mechanical Pipettes

Pathtech is proud to stock a comprehensive range of Sartorius pipettes. Sartorius is well known for its global range of high-quality pipettes, as well as a wide variety of other biopharmaceutical and laboratory solutions. Offering reliable performance and ergonomic design, you will enjoy excellent outcomes when you choose the Sartorius range from Pathtech.

The NATA accredited team at Pathtech also offers pipette servicing. Shop online now for a premium range of mechanical pipettes with fast and convenient delivery across Australia.