Eliminate Drug & Alcohol Abuse at your Workplace

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Up to 15%

of workplace injuries worldwide are attributable to drug & alcohol use

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Estimate $6 billion

per year lost in productivity through alcohol & other drugs in Australian workplaces

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Around 60% of individuals

who consume drugs & alcohol at harmful levels are in full time employment

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1 in 10 workers

say they have experienced the negative effects associated with a co-worker's misuse of alcohol.

Pathtech can help

With existing clients that include Government Departments, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Transport, Primary Industry, Customs and Border Protection, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), you can be confident in Pathtech's experience and dedication to providing the very best devices to create a safe, drug and alcohol-free workplace.

Deter, Detect and Eliminate Drug and Alcohol Abuse with Pathtech

Pathtech empowers employers to identify and eliminate the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace by offering the very best detection devices available in the market. This includes the Securetec DrugWipe.

Our expansive and high-quality range also includes Intoximeter Breathalysers and Urine Test Cups. Our devices can be used as part of an internal in-house testing program, or alternatively, provided for use by an existing testing provider.

Under the duty of care provisions in the OH&S Act, employers must provide a safe workplace for their employees. One of the most effective ways that employers can deal with potential drug and alcohol abuse and protect their employees is to develop and implement a workplace drug and alcohol policy.


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