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Use this calculator to estimate how much alcohol is in your blood stream and how your blood content relates to the legal limit for driving in Australia. The Pathtech Online Breathalyser considers your weight, gender and how many drinks you have consumed, and how long it’s been since your last drink to provide your estimate Blood Alcohol Concentration.

Pathtech Online Breathalyser

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    The Pathtech Online Breathalyser tool can be used to provide a rough estimate of your individual blood alcohol concentration (BAC) after consuming a defined amount of alcohol in a single sitting. Please remember this is an estimate only and it will not be 100% accurate as there are a wide range of factors that can affect BAC in individuals including beverage size, amount of food eaten, the type of drinks consumed and metabolic rate. The BAC estimates generated by the Pathtech Online Breathalyser should not be used to infer your fitness to work, drive, or perform any other task or duty.

    The Pathtech drug detection team offer a range of Intoximeter breath alcohol breathalysers to accurately determine your BAC and fitness to work, drive or perform any other task or duty.

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