Benchtop Homogenisers

The benchtop homogenisers available from Pathtech are ideal for a wide range of sample types. If you’re looking for homogenisers that can provide comprehensive results for even the most difficult biological samples, the benchtop homogenisers in our range are ideal. At Pathtech, we proudly offer benchtop homogenisers from leading brands such as Benchmark Scientific.

The benchtop homogenisers on offer from Pathtech include standard benchtop homogenisers, refrigerated homogenisers, and microtube benchtop homogenisers.

The BeadBlaster 24 Benchtop Homogeniser from Benchmark Scientific offers fully homogenised results in 35 seconds or less. Working with up to 24 samples at a time, these benchtop homogenisers offer a digital display, mechanical lid locks, brushless motors, and more.

The refrigerated benchtop homogenisers in our range offer a cooling function to protect sensitive samples, while our microtube benchtop homogenisers are designed for 2.0ml tubes, with adapters available to facilitate 5.0ml tubes.

To learn more about any of the benchtop homogenisers in our range, explore each of our online product listings or contact Pathtech to discuss the features and specifications.

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BeadBug 6 Microtube Homogenizer (240v)

Product Code: 032-D1036

Six tube capacity


$3449.00 (ex GST)

Was: $5066.00 Save: 32%

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BeadBlaster 24 Benchtop Homogeniser

Product Code: 032-D2400-E

For all sample types


$19819.00 (ex GST)

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BeadBlaster 24 Refrigerated Microtube Homogeniser

Product Code: 032-D2400-R-E

Refrigerated - For all sample types


$31181.00 (ex GST)

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BeadBug Benchtop Homogeniser

Product Code: 032-D1030-E-AU

Three tube capacity


$1907.00 (ex GST)

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