1250ul Extended Length Filter Tip, Racked, Sterile (10x96)

1250ul Extended Length Filter Tip, Racked, Sterile (10x96)

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Brand: Tarsons
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Tarsons Filter tips protect the sample from aerosols. A proper barrier to all contaminants, the tips come with reliable aerosol blocking technology. The tips are universal size compatible with all pipettes. Ideal for Molecular Biology / Microbiology / Cell Culture / radioactive applications, the TARSONS Filter Tips have hydrophobic poloyethylene filter which protects sample from contamination that occurs due to aerosol transfer. Designed to be free of detectable DNase, RNase, and pyrogen. Crafted in perfect geometry and available in low retention MAXIPENSE™ variety.

Complete Sample protection

Protect your valuable samples against unwanted contamination by using Tarsons Filter Tips. While pipetting, the naked eye cannot detect fine aerosols that pass through the pipette. If they are, the accumulated aerosols can contaminate other samples that will be used later. Tarsons Filter Tips are proven to block maximum aerosols that disrupt your experiment.

The Tarsons Filter Tips fits all popular pipettes without any loss of accuracy or precision.

Reuse the Tip Racks and become economical and eco-friendly!

Why use Tarsons Filter Tips?

The Best Quality: Tarsons filters are made from medical grade high density pure polyethylene (HDPE)

Ensured Safety: They contain no additives which can interfere with your sample

Sample Retrieval: Tarsons MAXIPENSE™ filters are hydrophobic and will not absorb your samples, allowing complete recovery of your valuable samples