Tacta Mechanical Pipette 8-ch 5-100ul

Product Code: 171-LH-729130
Brand: Sartorius Australia
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Tacta® makes pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time. It is designed to feel great in your hand, and it is easy and comfortable to use. All materials used for Tacta® have been carefully selected, and each component is designed to meet the highest standards.

Single-channel pipettes cover a volume range of  0.1 µL – 10,000 µL, and multichannel pipettes are available from 0.5 µL up to 300 µL volume.

*Pipette Tips not included*

Enjoy Pipetting

Tacta® rests lightly in your hand thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and finger hook. It is effortless to use and exceptionally comfortable to hold. Tacta® eases your workload and protects you from strain, even when you need to pipette for hours. 

Reliable Results

Accidental volume changes during pipetting will be history with the use of the Sartorius Optilock® feature. Set and lock the volume either by holding down the volume lock button with one hand and adjusting the volume with the other, then release to lock, or by using just one hand by sliding the volume lock up, adjusting the volume and sliding the lock back down. The choice is in your hands.

Low Operating Forces

The force needed for a complete pipetting cycle, from tip attachment to pipetting and finally tip ejection, is exceptionally low with Tacta®, protecting you from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The Optiload®feature, with spring-loaded tip cones in both the single and multichannel models, secures tip loading with perfect sealing and minimal force. Consequently, Optiload® also ensures light tip ejection to protect your hand.