SafetySpace Filter Tip, 0.1-10 ul, Sterile (10 x 96)

Product Code: 171-790011F
Brand: Sartorius Australia
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SafetySpace Filter Tips leave more space between the sample and the filter than conventional filter tips. This allows pipetting any type of liquid or using any pipetting technique without the risk of the precious sample absorbing into the filter. In effect, this secures 100% sample recovery and thus greater accuracy.

The safety space feature is particularly useful in:

  • Pipetting foaming liquids such as buffers and proteins
  • Pipetting solvents
  • Multiple dispensing functions of electronic pipettes
  • Reverse pipetting

The tips are made of virgin polypropylene and the filter of polyethylene without “self-sealing” additives to avoid any interference with the sample and the results. The filter tips are available in multiple volumes from 10ul to 1200ul and are packed in colour coded single tray racks. They are DNase, RNase and endotoxin free certified and pre-sterilised.

  • Reduced risk of sample absorbtion into the filter with safety space feature
  • Aerosol and liquid contamination prevention with filter barrier
  • Ergonomic and light tip attachment and ejection secured by tip compatibility with the Optiload feature of Sartorius pipettes
  • Easy matching with a suitable Sartorius pipette with colour coded tip trays
  • Contamination free pipetting with DNase, RNase and endotoxin free certified tips
  • Environment friendly materials used in tips, trays and racks are 100% recyclable or can be incinerated as energy waste