Mline manual Pipettor, 12-Ch, 30-300ul

Product Code: 171-725240
Brand: Sartorius Australia
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Enjoy the excellent ergonomics, safety and performance offered by the mLINE® range of pipettes, Sartorius’ most advanced mechanical pipette family. Designed to be used over extended periods, the mLINE® range has been built specifically to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury in the hands and arms often faced by laboratory professionals and is recommended by health and safety officers across the world.

The mLINE® series of mechanical pipettes covers the full range of volumes from 0.1µl to 10ml and is available in single and multichannel models.

  • Features light tip ejection and pipetting forces to protect from injuries
  • Highly accurate and precise
  • Fully autoclavable without disassembly (excl. 1200µl model)
  • Volume lock to prevent accidental volume changes
  • Improved accuracy with thermal insulation of internal components

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