Evaporation manifold to suit blocks with 20 holes

Product Code: 147-EM20
Brand: Ratek Instruments
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This Evaporation system can be fitted to any of the Ratek DBH1000D, DBH2000D and DBH4000D Digital Dry Block Heaters. Manifolds with stainless steel removable needles to suit standard size blocks can have from 1 to 30 ports, and blanking needles are also available for use when not all outlets are required. Retort stands (sold separately) attached to the heater are used to hold the manifolds. These stands allow height adjustment and clearance, manifolds can be easily removed when not required. A single clamping screw holds the manifold in place. Individual valves are provided on the rear of the heater allowing control of gas flow to the manifold. Heater blocks and manifolds can be manufactured to suit most sizes of test tube.

Suits any Ratek block heater with 2 or more blocks
Removable gas needles for easy replacement
Surgical stainless steel gas needles
Suitable for nitrogen blow-down
Will fit EMS1000, EMS2000 and EMS4000 stands