SOLVFLEX Manifold Tubing 1.30mm Grey (12/pack)

Product Code: 143-116-0533-110
Brand: Pulse Instrumentation
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PVC is characterised by a high degree of biocompatibility, transparency – where needed – and flexibility under changing temperatures and humidities. PVC is easily sterilised to meet a number of industry and medical standards. It also has excellent water and chemical resistance. Used on ICP-MS / ICP-OES, and Segmented Flow Systems such as Technicon, Bran Luebbe, SEAL Analytical, SKALAR, etc.

Pathtech is your alternate source for top quality pump tubing which is compatible for continuous-flow and segmented-flow instruments.

Tube Length = 455mm
Length between Bridges = 140mm

* PVC Solva (Solvaflex) Pump Tubing is  typically used to pump Aliphatic hydrocarbons: IE: hexane, petroleum products and distillates