SAFE Tube Presenter for SBS 96 tube rack

Product Code: 114-TP96
Brand: LVL technologies

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It is not unknown, under the busy everyday conditions in the lab, for the wrong tube to be inadvertently removed from the tightly packed SBS rack. D5 quickly turns into E6. Even if the error is detected during the scan, the process flow is interrupted. However, even the careful selection of the tube to be removed can become strenuous in the long run.

The LVL tube presenter is a simple tool for the processing and checking of individual samples. Simply insert the single pin into the appropriate position, place the rack on it and the protruding tube can be safely and easily removed. The column pin can be used for entire columns.

  • For 96 tube racks
  • SBS-format
  • incl. 4 single pins and 1 colum pin