2D Tubes, w/o side code, ext thread, 300ul, no cap, Sterile (50x96)

Product Code: 114-4C1-X03-NC-CW-B-L
Brand: LVL technologies

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2D Tubes with external thread (SBS 96)

SAFE® 96 XT: 2D tubes with external threads in the 96 SBS format. Especially when it comes to sample storage in automated storage systems, for reasons of costs, it is essential that the largest possible quantity of samples can be stored in a smallest possible space. This is where tubes with external threads have the edge over tubes with internal threads due to their lower height. The SAFE® SX 300 in particular – with an effective working volume of 300 µl and its minimal height of 19.1 mm (incl. screw cap) – is a real miracle of compactness. And the XSX 220 is even more compact with a height of only 15.5 mm.

Custom 2D coding options are available to meet your laboratory's individual database or tracking requirements. Please contact us today to discuss your biobanking needs. 

  • Material: Low Binding Virgin Polypropylene for reaction-free sample storage
  • Polished tubes for excellent transparency and visual control
  • With internal thread for screw caps
  • Tubes laser-labelled with data matrix code (2D), easily legible thanks to excellent contrast and matte background (white on black)
  • Data matrix code legible with all common scanners
  • On request, with codes visible to the human eye in addition to 2D codes
  • On request, with codes visible to the human eye in addition to 2D codes
  • Tubes and bottoms produced with patented wet-on-wet process, so that no separation of the two components due to mechanical or thermal influences is possible
  • Optional side code labelling
  • Outer F-bottom for good legibility, internal U-bottom for low dead volume
  • Inner diameter: 6.8 mm
  • Outer diameter: 8.4 mm
  • Centre to centre in rack: 9.0 mm
  • Capacity: 0.3 ml (with screw cap)
  • Closable with screw caps (external thread), push caps and heat sealing foils