2D Tube Rack, 500ul, side-code, int. thread, blue cap, non-sterile (50 x 96)

Product Code: 114-3C-I05-BL-CW-P-L
Brand: LVL technologies

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MI 500 - 2D Biobanking Tubes

SAFE® 96 IT: 2D tubes with internal threads in the 96 SBS format. The injected TPE compression ring in the screw cap combined with the widened mouth of the tube and significantly improved sealing compared to the conventional screw caps with an O-ring. The screw cap cannot be overtightened, the permanently injected sealing ring cannot detach itself from the thread. The high screw cap is a big plus for manual handling.

  • Working volume 450 µl
  • Height 33.4 / 34.2 mm (tube with screw cap / tube with screw cap in rack)
  • Optional with lateral coding: 1D and human eye visible

Custom 2D coding options are available to meet your laboratory's individual database or tracking requirements. Please contact us today to discuss your biobanking needs.

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  • Material: virgin polypropylene
  • Polished tubes for excellent transparency
  • With internal thread for screw caps
  • Tubes laser-labelled with data matrix code (2D), easily legible thanks to excellent contrast and matte background (white on black)
  • Data matrix code legible with all common scanners
  • Tubes and bottoms produced with patented wet-on-wet process, so that no separation of the two components due to mechanical or thermal influences is possible
  • Due to datamatrix coded label (2D) with modern high-power lasers 
  • Easy readability through modern data matrix coded label (2D) attached with high-power lasers, excellent contrast and matt background (white on black).
  • 12-digits 2D coded (Data Matrix / ECC200) 
  • 2D DataMatrix code readable with all common scannern and for further processing with different IT-solutions (e.g. LabCollector)
  • Multistage production standards and quality control of 2D coding: Mehrstufige Produktionssicherheit und Qualitätskontrolle der 2D Codierung: automatic numbering system, logbook, rescan of all tubes, automatic duplicate scan and long time storage of all codes
  • Optional: human readable code (HR) additional to the 2D code on the bottom of the tube
  • Optional: Lateral coding of the tube (according to version 1D and HR or 2D)
  • Outer F-bottom for good legibility, internal U-bottom for low dead volume
  • Inner diameter: 6.8 mm
  • Outer diameter: 8.4 mm
  • Centre to centre in rack: 9.0 mm2 different capacities -0.75 and 1.4 ml brutto volume
  • Closable with screw caps (internal thread), push caps, or heat sealing foils
  • Available in rack and as bulkware, pre-capped and non-capped
  • Compatible with all common automatic storage systems
  • Extremely stable in shape
  • SBS Standard and stackable
  • 1D code on the narrowside of the rack
  • 2D orientated code on the bottom of the rack
  • Two different rack lid options with different fastening options (slide lock and push lock)
  • Compatible with all common automatic storage systems 
  • Features: optional customized number range (e.g. with 2 letters and 10 numbers) for immediate allocation e.g. external samples incl. excel-sheet with entire coding. Free configuration of all four sides of the rack incl. logo and further information.