Silica Spin Basket

Silica Spin Basket

Product Code: 076-88-143
Brand: Genesee Scientific
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You may have noticed that DNA isolation kit manufacturers provide an overage of up to 15% of each solution. Now, you don’t need to throw away these expensive reagents...UPrep them! Compatible with all spin column based PCR Clean-up, Plasmid Miniprep, RNA Clean-up, gDNA Miniprep, Gel Extraction kits and more! High quality, inhibitor-free DNA & RNA is critical to the success of downstream molecular applications. With that in mind, our meticulously tested UPrep spin columns were specifically designed to ensure purification of the highest quality, contaminant-free DNA & RNA. Purify up to 25µg DNA or RNA in as little as 25µl eluate with no buffer retention or carryover.

Purposeful in design, UPrep spin column ensure complete elution without binding/wash buffer carryover. If improperly removed during purification, these buffer contaminants elute along with your sample and can hinder highly sensitive, downstream molecular applications. Meticulously tested and guaranteed to work, UPrep spin columns are ideal for purifying samples for Next-Gen and Sanger sequencing, PCR, transformation, transfection, ligation, cloning, arrays, and more.

  • Use your extra Miniprep reagents with UPrep® Spin Columns!
  • Simply follow the kit manufacturer's purification protocol using UPrep Spin Columns
  • Purify up to 25µg DNA or RNA in as little as 25µl eluate with complete elution and no binding/wash buffer carryover!
  • Ideal for Plasmid Miniprep, PCR purification, RNA Clean-up and gDNA Miniprep (up to 25µg)
  • UPrep Micro Spin Columns (cat# 88-343) recommended for Gel extraction and PCR purification (up to 5µg)
  • Each column supplied nested in a 2.0ml Collection Tube
  • Size Limits: 50bp to 23kb (PCR clean-up), up to 25kb (plasmid prep), up to >40kb (genomic DNA prep), RNAs >17nt
  • Column capacity is 900 µl