Accuris MR9600 & MW9600 Microplate Reader & Microplate Washer Bundle

Accuris MR9600 & MW9600 Microplate Reader & Microplate Washer Bundle

Product Code: 032-MR9600-BND-E
Brand: Accuris
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The Accuris SmartReader 96, models MR9600 and MR9600-T are welcome additions to any lab that is routinely measuring concentration or absorbance in 96 well plates.  The 7 inch touch screen, intuitive software and graphical interface make these instruments easy to use as a standalone reader (a separate computer and additional software is not required).

The Accuris SmartWasher™ 96 automates the process of ELISA plate washing so assays can be prepared quickly, accurately, and with confidence for absorbance reading.  It’s the perfect companion to our popular SmartReader™ 96 microplate reader.

The Accuris SmartReader 96 

  • Intuitive, 7 inch color touch screen control panel
  • Filter based system with wavelength range from 340 to 750nm
  • Operates as a stand alone system, with USB flash drive drive for data transfer
  • Absorbance range: 0.0 to 4.000 Abs 
  • 8 channel vertical optical path, with zero dispersion
  • Integrated, multi-speed plate shaker
  • MR9600-T  features temperature controlled plate incubation
  • The Accuris SmartWasher 96 

    • Precision control of aspiration needle position
      – Accurate to 0.1mm
      – Minimal residual liquid, ≤1μl/well
    • Auto rinse function eliminates cross contamination
    • Up to 100 wash protocols can be customized and stored
    • Liquid level sensors in wash and waste bottles
    • Wash protocols can be transferred via flash drive
    Accuris SmartReader 96
    Control and Display
    7 inch touch screen
    (800 x 480 pixels)
    Light Source
    Quartz-halogen lamp 6V/10W
    Wavelength range
    340-750nm (405, 450, 492
    and 630 nm filters included)
    Half-Bandwidth of filters
    Readout Range
    0~4.000 Abs
    Linearity (405nm)
    0~2.000 Abs <+1%
    0~4.000 Abs <+2%
    CV</= 0.2% (0-3) Abs
    CV</= 01.0% (3-4) Abs
    Test Speed
    <6 sec. for 96 well plate
    Incubator (MR9600-T)
    Temp control from ambient +5°C to 50°C
    3 modes: slow (3.5Hz), medium (4.7Hz), fast (7.0Hz)
    User Interface
    Integrated software,
    touch screen control
    200 programs,
    100,000 test records
    USB ports for PC, printer,
    mouse and flash drive
    29.5 x 44.0 x 22.5 cm
    11.6 x 17 x 8.75 inches
    10 kg
    2 Years