Prefilled 2.0ml tubes, Garnet Shards and one 6 mm Zirconium Bead, 50pk

Product Code: 032-D1033-30G
Brand: Benchmark Scientific
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For use with the BeadBug and Beadblaster 24, Benchmark offers an assortment of pre-filled tube kits for a variety of sample types. The 2.0ml screw cap, non-skirted tubes come with caps and sealing rings to help eliminate cross contamination. The popular triple-pure kits include acid washed, heat treated, zirconium beads. The beads are tested to be free of nucleases, making them ideal for molecular biology applications. A convenient starter kit (D1032-SK) is available to accommodate a broad range of sample types and optimise applications.

Also available with standard glass beads, stainless steel beads, garnet with zirconium satellite and silica/zirconium mix (specifically for soil/faecal matter).

  • Silica (glass), TriplePure™ Zirconium, Steel and mixed formats
  • Range of sizes to meet a variety of sample needs
  • Prefilled tubes, ready to use
  • Compatible with most bead homogenizers