PiXplorer 500 Forensik

PiXplorer 500 Forensik

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Product Code: 002-VR1010

Brand: abf diagnostics

The piXplorer 500 Forensik is the ultimate solution for capturing the situation at the crime scene. The piXplorer 500 Forensik is a fully automated panoramic robot with a tailored HDR camera lens system and an integrated lightning. At the push of a button the piXplorer 500 Forensik creates a comprehensive and evenly illuminated spherical image of the environment.

The integrated ring light perfectly illuminates dark areas with an almost natural color spectrum.  The preset High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality takes care of the best possible exposure of all segments in your spherical. 7 exposure levels are captured automatically.

  • fast photographic documentation in highest resolution
  • different lighting conditions are compensated automatically
  • time and cost savings due to automated image capturing and processing
  • robust and solid design, ideal for field use
  • excellent image quality even without prior photographic knowhow
  • superior price performance ratio