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The Cowboy rides again


Pathtech invented the world’s first “Fly Vial Racking” championship, to acknowledge our fly researchers at the Australian Fly Meeting 3 years ago. Fast forward to several years later, and the championship is now ingrained as part of the Australian Fly Meeting, with researchers looking forward to beating their times every year. For this years results and to learn more about the competition, click here to read the full event article.

NZ Police welcome brand new forensic fingerprint development technology


Recently, both the Auckland and Wellington branches of the New Zealand Police became the proud owners of the new VMD1260 System. Superseding the VMD900, New Zealand Police have become the first recipients of this new system in the world. This technique can generate an improvement of latent fingerprint development of up to 15% when compared to standard methods. To read more, please click here to read the full article or email forensics@pathtech.com.au for more information on the VMD System.

A Pipette Ninja is found


Pathtech launched the first Pipette Ninja competition in mid November: The Florey-Pathtech Cup. With the launch of the cup, Pathtech aimed to identify and acknowledge Florey Institutes Pipette Ninja: the individual with the most advanced, lightning quick and accurate pipetting skills. PhD student, Amy Shepherd from the Florey Institute Hannan Lab reigned supreme, winning the title of the #pipettingchampion #pipetteninja Pipette Ninja completing the set Science experiment in an impressive 2minutes and 9 seconds- an incredible 15 seconds quicker than her nearest competitor. For her efforts, Amy Shepherd won a $2000 Pathtech equipment grant for her Lab  and bragging rights for the 12months ahead. To learn more about the Florey-Pathtech Cup Pipette Ninja competition, click here to read the full event article or email marketing@pathtech.com.au to chat about hosting a Pipette Ninja competition at your Institute or Workplace.

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Exclusive supplier of Buchi Glas Uster


Buchi Glas Uster is a leading manufacturer of reactor systems and pilot plants for chemical synthesis and API manufacturing- from lab, through pilot to production scale.

There is always a legend among us


Australian Fly Meeting, 15-17th September, 2016. 

Pathtech invented the world’s first “Fly Vial racking” championship, to acknowledge our fly researchers at the Fly meeting two years ago. Three meetings later, this championship has become ingrained as part of the annual event that everyone looks forward to.  Click here to read more about the 2016 championship, individual winner Jan Manent (Richardson Group, LaTrobe University) and team winner, Warr Lab of Monash University.


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