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A pipette tip is a pipette tip right?

The pipette is one of the most commonly used handheld instruments in a research laboratory and the model of the pipette is chosen based on your needs for performance, ergonomics and quality. But it doesn’t end there – you may have the most advanced pipette on the market but a poor quality tip means that the reproducibility of your results may be at risk.

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How much do you know about pipette tips?

How much do you know about pipette tips? Our video will guide you in making a selection to suit your needs.

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Which Benchmark rocker/shaker is right for you?

We make it simple with this helpful selection guide to lab sample rockers and shakers from Benchmark Scientific.

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Western Blot with Pathtech

A guide to the Western Blot technique using Pathtech solutions.

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Which Benchmark mixer is right for you?

Choosing the right mixer for your lab samples can be confusing. Pathtech can help. View our useful guide to mixers from Benchmark Scientific and never mix your samples the same way again.

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