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Unwrap 2D Images of Fingerprints on Cylindrical Surfaces

An innovative new accessory for use with DCS® and Crime-lite® Imager workstations, the CSU (Cylindrical Surface Un-wrapper) captures high quality 2D images of fingerprints from the cylindrical surfaces of bullet casings, pens and hand tools etc.

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Phosphorescent Fingerprint Imaging

Using the Crime-lite®Imager’s new Phosphorescent Imaging Mode it is possible to illuminate evidence using a multi-wavelength pulsed light source whilst imaging the resulting phosphorescence with a time-resolved camera.

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Focus On Forensics 2017

In this issue, Pathtech will focus on:
  • How to detect blood on dark surfaces using a tool that can see both Luminol or IR
  • The benefit of being able to gain DNA intel at the crime scene
  • A better way to view MVC (Moire Variable Colours) during document examination
  • Targeted DNA swabbing on fabric


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Gold sponsor at the ANZFSS 2014

Pathech is proud to suppor the upcoming ANZFSS 2014 symposium as the event’s Gold sponsor. See you in Adelaide on the 31st of August 2014.

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