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DrugWipe® rapid drug tests: reliable evidence of methamphetamine

Securetec Newsletter - May 2021

Working mums, sportspeople, partygoers – all united in the wish to appear infinitely capable. Methamphetamine seems to grant that wish. A physical and mental high that can last for days displaces the subsequent low, the risky side effects and the long-term consequences.
WipeAlyser® Mobile Drug Analyser

WipeAlyser® is a portable device for the detection of drugs of abuse in combination with the DrugWipe drug screener. The WipeAlyser is ideal for roadside screening and drug screening in the workplace. Pandemic.jpg
The Drug Market in the Pandemic

Securetec Newsletter - February 2021

Amongst the many impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are those on the global drugs trade and consumption behaviour. Many experts were surprised at the speed and flexibility with which both users and dealers adapted to the new situation.

The DrugWipe® rapid drug test stands for reliable drug detection that’s simple and hygienic. As well as conventional drugs of abuse like cannabis, cocaine, ecstacy, amphetamine, methamphetamine and heroin, the DrugWipe drug screener also detects ketamine and benzodiazepines. Mushroom.jpg
The Magic Mushroom Revival

Securetec Newsletter - December 2020

While magic mushrooms cannot be considered genuine competition for LSD, they enthral their devotees with a similar effect. Psychoactive mushrooms are currently enjoying increasing popularity. Despite the significant risks associated with their consumption, uncertainty surrounding long-term negative effects and the fact that they are illegal in most countries, the number of their advocates is rising, albeit at a low level. The overall prevalence of LSD and magic mushrooms is less than 1% in the EU.