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The GM1 has a unique gyratory type action sometimes referred to as the belly dancer action. The platform tilts in the horizontal plane through 360ยบ to provide a gentle swirling action, ideal for gentle mixing in a variety of different types of containers including Petri dishes, test tubes, etc. A precision motor gearbox assembly coupled with the roller bearing mounted tilt system drives the platform. The speed of the platform can be varied from 0-60 rpm and is adjusted from the front panel. A rubber mat is fitted to the tray of the mixer.


  • Low-cost general purpose mixer
  • Low-voltage motor assembly
  • Variable speed between 0 and 60 rpm
  • Adjustable tilt angle


  • Power requirements: 240 VAC/20 watts
  • Capacity: 300 x 180mm platform max weight 1kg
  • Mixer control: Solid state
  • Motor: 12 volt dc with gearbox
  • Speed range: 0-60 rpm
  • Overall dimensions: W300 x D190 x H220 mm
  • Weight: 3kgs

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