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Phenethylamine Test (2C's - Smiles)

This drug test is used for the presumptive identification of Phenethylamines (2C's)

10 narcotic tests per pack




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Unlike other presumptive drug testing kits, the MMC International kits contain very little reagents and do not require the use of an acid neutraliser. This revolutionary new design eliminates any potential danger to users when using these kits in the field.

Watch the instruction video below.


  • Low cost
  • Safe application
  • Results in just a few seconds
  • Application does not cause any environmental hazards
  • Reliable identification
  • Only one vial per test needed
  • Simple application, also for liquid drugs and base substances or pre-cursor chemicals


This test is able to detect:

2C-B Yellow, changing to green, and then fading over time
2C-C Yellow, changing to light green, and then fading over time
2C-D Yellow-brown fading to reddish brown
2C-E Dark Brown
2C-H Dark Green
2C-I Green-blue with yellow edges, fades to blue, fades over time
2C-P Yellow-brown fading to Rusty Brown
2C-N Dark brown with green edges
2C-T-2 Black/dark purple fading to orangy-red
2C-T-4 Black/dark purple fading to reddish-orange
2C-T-7 Black/dark purple, fading slowly if at all.
DOB Olive Green to yellow
DOI Dark Green
DOM Yellow to Green
DOC Yellow, changing to green. Slow to develop
25C-NBOMe Yellow, slow.
25D-NBOMe Brown, maybe a hint of green
25I-NBOMe Light Brown to dark Brown

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