Labsystems Diagnostics

Neonatal Automate

Completely automated and compatible with many newborn screening tests
Neonatal Automates include the NS2400 or NS1200 automate


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The instrument is fully automated, performing every stage of the assay in a “hands off” manner. The plates containing dried blood spots are placed on the instrument and a complete data report and analysis of results is returned for each patient. Processing steps include: dispensing of reagents, elution of samples, incubation, removing of disks, washing, transfer of liquid samples, measuring, calculation of results and data reporting. The instrument can integrate patient lists from every laboratory and give a direct screening answer to the laboratory supervisor. The platform has an integrated disc remover connected to the washer.

In addition, its unique liquid handling system allows the user to perform all assays on the same platform, including ELISA based assays such as TSH, 17-OHP and Toxoplasmosis as well as the enzymatic assays such as Phenylalanine, Galactose and G6PD.

See the neonatal automate in action below.


  • Fully automatic high throughput system
  • 24 plates per run (NS2400) or 12 plates per run (NS1200)
  • Performs all assays (TSH PKU Galactose 17OHP …)
  • Reduced running costs (no disposable tips)
  • Integrated disc remover
  • High sensitive fluorometric detection
  • Patient management software

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