mLINE Multipack – 1

(3-Pack) incl. 10ul, 100ul and 1000ul Pipettes




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mLINE® Multipack options available for various needs with a great value. There are 5 packs to choose from, each with a set of 3 to 5 mLINE® mechanical pipettes, a Linear Stand and racks of matching tips included. Renew your existing pipettes with a set of new, highly ergonomic pipettes with excellent accuracy and precision or set up new workstations for every researcher.

This 3 pack includes:

A set of 3 mLINE® mechanical pipettes (10ul, 100ul and 1000ul), a Linear Stand and Racks of Matching Tips


  • Excellent ergonomics to protect from injuries, with the exceptionally light pipetting and tip ejection forces
  • High accuracy and precision, also in repetitive, long-lasting pipetting
  • Minimised risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters and full autoclavability
  • Increased safety with volume lock preventing accidental volume changes while pipetting

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