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CBRN Responstor Body Storage

CBRN portable body storage system




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The Nutwell ResponStor® CBRN Body Storage System is a patented, modular system for the storage of bodies and body parts. Compact, easily assembled and transportable, it permits rapid response in mass fatality incidents.

The systems come as self-contained units complete with insulated shell, easy clean racking, chiller unit with specialised HEPA filter, and an optional privacy awning. Accommodating 6, 9,12, 24, 48 or 96 bodies, these systems are designed for deployment by light van, trailer or aircraft at the incident scene or consolidation area. The systems can be erected and operational within 15 minutes of arrival on scene.


  • 6/ 9/ 12-body units expandable to 96 bodies
  • Climate controlled, energy efficient
  • Space-saving, flat-pack storage
  • 15-minute assembly, no tools needed
  • Ergonomic design meets NIOSH lifting standards
  • Highly mobile, lightweight and resilient


  • Dimensions:  From 2000 x 1800 x 1800mm
  • Operating voltage:  24, 100, 240 or 440v
  • Operating temperature:  -25ºC to 5ºC
  • Material:  Aluminium, PVC, Polythene
  • NATO NSN:  9930-99-352-5367
  • NCAGE Code:  U04J4

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