Forensics Partners

Abacus Diagnostics

Abacus Diagnostics is a science based company that develops and manufactures crime scene products such as well-known ABAcard® p30 for the forensic identification of semen, HemaTrace® for the forensic identification of human blood, SALIgAE® for the forensic identification of saliva, Uritrace® for the forensic identification of urine, and Hemascein® for the identification of latent bloodstains. They are committed to R&D to meet the needs of the forensic community and as a result several products are currently under development. Abacus products have been widely used throughout Australian and NZ Forensic communities since 2004.

Attestor Forensics

Attestor Forensics GmbH is an enterprise based in Germany, that supplies equipment, tools and instrumentation for forensic science applications. Initially founded as the European subsidiary of a well renowned forensic science equipment manufacturer, the company underwent a strategic reorganisation in 2007 and became the independent Attestor Forensics GmbH. In the last few years Attestor started to develop and manufacture their own range of high quality and specialised instruments for forensic document examination and fingerprinting.


Located in Haarlem, Holland since 1998, BVDA (Bureau voor Dactyloscopische Artikelen) is a manufacturer and distributor of materials and equipment for crime scene officers and forensic laboratories since 1932.


Since 1995, JusticeTrax has been supplying their main product LIMS-plus®, a dedicated Forensic Laboratory Information Management System, to the forensic science laboratory and law enforcement communities. The software, designed by forensic scientists, is the most comprehensive case management tool available today. LIMS-plus integrates evidence tracking, analytical results, laboratory management and reports for a comprehensive view of the overall case. Eighty-five (85) forensic laboratories located in the United States, Canada, Middle East and Australia use LIMS-plus software, with installations ranging from small, single-site laboratories of 5 users, to extremely large multi-site installations with 500+ users.


Dedicated to developing advanced microbe and DNA collection technology, M-Vac Systems, Inc. has created innovative surface sampling technology to improve forensic DNA collection. M-Vac Systems, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the award-winning M-Vac System, which replaces swabs, sponges, excision and other traditional collection methods with its superior sampling capabilities.

Nutwell Logistics

Based in the UK, Nutwell Logistics is the manufacturer of the renowned ResponStor® Body Storage System, marine extraction products and associated mortuary storage solutions. These products are in service worldwide including Australia and Indonesia; within the police and forensic mortuary markets.

Sheerspeed Shelters

For the last 25 years, Sheerspeed Shelters Ltd have been manufacturing and supplying quick to erect portable lightweight tents and shelters to the tent and marquee manufacturing industry. Based in the UK, but now available in Australia, they offer an extensive range of specialised work tents and privacy screening, from small to large  sizes, to suit the following industries: police & crime scene units, fire & rescue, ambulance service, gas, water & electric companies, telecommunications, film & television.


Verogen was established in August 2017 to provide sequencing technology based products solely dedicated to forensic science. While Illumina technology underpins the Verogen offering, reagents and analysis protocols have been developed in house by Verogen, making them uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions purpose-built for the challenges of DNA identification.
The sole focus of Verogen is to advance science and help unlock the true potential of forensic genomics.

West Technology

West Technology is a specialist vacuum engineering company based in Yate near Bristol, England and the world’s leading manufacturer of Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) systems. With a range of VMD models for every forensic laboratory to use to develop high definition fingerprints on a diverse range of materials, West Technology has established its reputation for providing innovative vacuum system designs for laboratories across the world.

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