Food and Pharmaceutical Science

As a distributor established in the Australian market for over 30 years, Pathtech supplies, supports and services a global range of high quality products and equipment for the food science industry. Our comprehensive product list, combined with exceptional customer service – provides solutions specifically tailored to meet our customer’s needs.

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Toxin and Active Ingredient Analysis Platforms

Aokin: Pathtech are the exclusive Australian distributor of the Aokin range of analysis platforms for the detection of mycotoxins, toxins and active ingredients in food and selected pharmaceutical areas.

The Aokin range allows producers and manufacturers to easily test for selected analytes without the expense of high end analytical equipment or highly-qualified scientific staff, thus decreasing costs, and increasing throughput and productivity.

Wine Analysis Test Kits and Equipment

Unitech Scientific: Proudly the Australian agent for Unitech Scientific wine and beer analysis kits and instrumentation, Pathtech offer a high-quality range of reagents for testing all common wine and beer analytes, including common sugars and carbohydrates.

Including the recently launched molecular kits, which are breaking new ground in wine and beer industries, allowing wineries and breweries to quickly and easily test for many common causes of spoilage.

Food Laboratory Equipment and Consumables

In addition to these dedicated food analysis ranges, Pathtech also supplies a wide range of general laboratory equipment and accessories, applicable to many of the Food Technology and Manufacturing areas including:

Quality Control, Research and Development, and Scientific Laboratories. These include pipettes, incubators, shakers, rockers, homogenisers, and general laboratory plasticware and consumables. As well as sample tracking and management solutions.

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