Pipette Stand

Secure a great range of pipette stands and accessories from the team at Pathtech. Dedicated to providing a global range of high-quality science equipment, we can supply you with pipettes as well as all the accessories you need for effective pipetting solutions.

Our range includes mechanical pipette stands in carousel and linear designs, as well as mLINE/Proline pipette stands and single Pipette holders. Our electronic pipette stands also double as pipette chargers. Our range includes carousel pipette stands with AC adaptors as well as single electronic pipette stands with adaptors.

As well as pipette stands, we offer a wide variety of replacement pipette filters as well as elbow pads and other accessories for more ergonomic pipetting.

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Whether you’re based in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, or any other major city, we can provide you with the best range of pipette stands and pipette accessories. View the Pathtech range online to learn more about any of our products and to get a great deal on pipette stands, filters, and accessories. We are dedicated to providing you with premium solutions from brands such as Sartorius.

Shop online today or contact Pathtech for further information.

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