Self-Adhesive Aluminium Tape

The self-adhesive aluminium tape from Pathtech is perfect for a wide range of scientific applications. If you need reliable, top-of-the-line aluminium tape, partner with the experts at Pathtech today. We are proud to bring a global and leading range of supplies to Australia’s diverse forensic, scientific, and business communities.

The sealing tapes on offer from our team are available in a range of sizes. Get your self-adhesive aluminium tape in 30um, 60um, and a range of other varieties. High-strength and available in the standard SBS format, our range of sealing tapes are designed to withstand a wide variety of temperatures, ranging from -80°C to +120°C. These self-adhesive aluminium tapes are easy to pierce and perfect for the transport of microtiter plates.

The sealing tape range from Pathtech also includes self-adhesive aluminium tape with a specially designed adhesive layer. This tape is not designed to be pierced but offers high solvent resistance and is DMSO-resistant.

To learn more about any of the self-adhesive aluminium tapes in our range, simply select your preferred product to learn more about its features, benefits, and specifications.

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The self-adhesive tape in our range is perfect for use in demanding laboratory settings. Shop online with Pathtech now and enjoy delivery across Australia. 

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Sealing tapes aluminium 30 um

Product Code: 114-AF100PLUS


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Sealing tapes aluminium 60 um

Product Code: 114-AF100.60PLUS


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