Benchtop Centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuges are highly convenient for a wide range of scientific applications. Simply place your centrifuge down on your bench and get started with reliable centrifugation of microplates, cell cultures, and samples in a wide range of volumes. The benchtop centrifuges on offer from Pathtech provide the convenience of a benchtop solution and the premium performance you would expect from an industry-leading centrifuge.

Whether you’re looking for universal benchtop centrifuges, high-capacity centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges, or refrigerated centrifuges, Pathtech has you covered. We offer uniquely designed benchtop centrifuges from leading names such as Benchmark Scientific and Sartorius Australia.

Each of the benchtop centrifuges in our range offers a variety of innovative features. For example, with the Centrisart D-16C Refrigerated Universal Benchtop Centrifuge, you can enjoy a maximum speed of 15,300 rpm, adjustable acceleration and deceleration curves, up to 50 different programs, and rapid sample cooling. Our high-capacity benchtop centrifuges can handle practically any vessel up to 400ml, while our high-speed centrifuges offer up to 26,000 rpm and a gravitational field with up to 62,000 + g.

If you need a centrifuge that’s even more compact than our benchtop centrifuges, we also offer a range of mini and microcentrifuges that practically fit in the palm of your hand!

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To learn more about each of the centrifuges in the Pathtech range, explore our products online and read more about the features and specifications. For further information, you can always reach out to our team.

To secure your benchtop centrifuges across Australia, simply shop online with Pathtech today.

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Centrisart® D-16C Refrigerated, Universal Benchtop Centrifuge

Product Code: 171-D-16C-1EU

Refrigerated All Purpose Benchtop Centrifuge

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Centrisart® G-16 High Capacity Benchtop Centrifuge

Product Code: 171-G-16-1EU

All Purpose Centrifuge

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Centrisart® G-16C High Capacity Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge

Product Code: 171-G-16C-1EU

Refrigerated All Purpose Centrifuge

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Centrisart® G-26C High-Speed, Refrigerated Centrifuge

Product Code: 171-G-26C-1EU

Universal High-Speed Centrifuge for laboratory applications

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LC-8 3500 Centrifuge with 8 x 15ml rotor

Product Code: 032-C3100-E


$825.00 (ex GST)

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LC-8 5000 Centrifuge with 8 x 15ml rotor

Product Code: 032-C3200-E


$1193.00 (ex GST)

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