Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Test Kits

Explore the range of drug and alcohol test kits from Pathtech. We offer a range of devices for all workplaces and organisations, including saliva testing devices, urine testing devices, surface testing devices, breathalysers, accessories, starter kits, and mobile drug test readers. Pathtech offer first-class drug and alcohol test kits from Darwin to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and everywhere in between.

The Best Range of Drug and Alcohol Test Kits in Australia

Pathtech stocks the number one selling saliva detection device available today, products that are used by Australian Police Jurisdictions as well as Community Corrections facilities. We are proud to offer the best and most trusted drug and alcohol testing kits in Australia, including DrugWipe Saliva Detection Devices, Alco-Sensor Breathalysers, and DrugScreen urine drug test kits.

Drug and alcohol testing is not only commonplace in various Australian industries, but also a specific requirement for their workforce. Investing in drug testing products, therefore, will be essential to ongoing business operations. Our drug and alcohol testing products range from breathalysers to instant urine kits, THC saliva tests and more.

Get started with reliable alcohol and drug test kits across Australia with our collection of Starter Kits. These kits offer saliva or urine-based drug tests, as well as a breathalyser and mouthpieces.

Buy Alcohol and Drug Test Kits Online – Australia Wide Shipping Available

Pathtech can a supply high-quality drug test kit for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin, Perth, and Adelaide based organisations. Similarly, we can also provide top of the line alcohol test kit options in Melbourne, an alcohol test kit in Sydney or an alcohol test kit in Adelaide.

With various alternatives available, we can equip companies with a reliable drug test in Sydney, a drug test kit in Perth, a drug test kit in Hobart or drug test kits in Brisbane.

If you need expert advice or guidance prior to purchase, reach out to the Pathtech team prior to purchase. We can work with you to determine the most appropriate form of testing to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Via our online store, organisations can purchase an alcohol test kit in Brisbane, an alcohol test kit in Hobart, an alcohol test kit in Sydney or a rapid drug test kit in Adelaide and Perth. Whether you need drug test kits in Darwin or alcohol test kits in Perth, rest assured that Pathtech offer fast shipping to all major Australian cities.