Centurion Quantum Breathalyser

Product Code: 444-703000CS
Brand: Alcolizer
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Rapid, high volume alcohol testing

You can test 100% of your work force before they enter the worksite!

The compact, robust Centurion Quantum Wall Mount uses mouthpiece testing to process workers rapidly – Centurion can process up to 360 workers an hour with an instant response time on a zero BrAC reading.

Centurion will operate 24 hours a day in conditions ranging from -10°C to + 55°C. Configurable to fulfil your program requirements from simple self-test stations for visitors/contractors through to fully integrated staff management systems.

  • Rapid, high volume mouthpiece or passive testing
  • Easy modular exchange calibration
  • Low cost maintenance and operation
  • Compatible with AlcoCONNECTTM Live
  • AS3547:2019 Certified
  • Multiple connectivity and output


Industry with BrAC requirements

Australian Standards Certified AS3547:2019


Made in Australia to ISO:9001 Standards


Premium Grade Platinum, electrochemical fuel cell


Module Exchange Calibration


Calibration Period

12 months

Printing Options


Results Download


Compatible with AlcoCONNECT


Test Type – Active Mode (using mouth piece)

Use straw

Passive Test


Test Type


Power Source

240V power supply

Data log capacity

10,000+ tests

Analysis time for zero result

1 second

Analysis time for 0.050 Result

5 seconds