Wall Mount 4 Breathalyser

Product Code: 444-701111
Brand: Alcolizer
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Keep your workforce at work with accurate, fast readings

The stylish and robust Wall Mount 4 (WM4) operates 24 hours a day in conditions ranging from 0°C to +40°C.

With on-board NATA Certified reference gas and daily auto self-calibration, the WM4 is arguably the most accurate alcohol breath tester, day-in, day-out anywhere in the world. Because of this technology, Australian Standards certifies Alcolizer to service WM4 yearly and still comply to Australian Standards AS3547:2019.

WM4 processes up to 240 workers an hour with an instant response time on a zero BrAC reading.

  • Fast testing of high volume workforces
  • Efficient, reliable, durable operation
  • Highly configurable to your Drug and Alcohol program Instant results delivered to management
  • Self calibrating every 24 hours