Tip 200ul Universal Grad, Bulk (1000)

Tip 200ul Universal Grad, Bulk (1000)

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Brand: Tarsons
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The Tarsons range of micro tips are exclusively designed to fit a variety of single and multichannel pipettors. A series of internal sealing rings ensures proper fit and easy ejection, with

less muscular force required for operation.

Material: Tarsons tips are manufactured from Medical Grade Resin. This ensures high quality products only.

Universal Tip Fit: Tarsons tips are engineered to fit most common pipettes.

Thin Walled Tips: Discover thin wall tips, built with the latest injection moulding processes. The tips are high precision with excellent clarity as a result.

Low Retention: Improved flow dynamics ensures smooth flow of sticky liquids. Tarsons ensures no coating and extremely hydrophobic surfaces for your samples.

Rigorous Quality Control: Every Tarsons tips are inspected by automated quality control procedures. The products are free of detectable DNase, RNase and pyrogen.

Sterile tips are validated according to ENISO 11137-2 Regulations.