PlateSeal Foil, Chemically Resistant, Sterile (50)

PlateSeal Foil, Chemically Resistant, Sterile (50)

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Product Code: 222-PS-FOIL-50S

Brand: Plateseal

Designed for standard (non-optical) PCR, long-term storage, light sensitive assays and robotics. The conformable foil allows visual verification of seal security around each well. Features excellent chemical resistance to DMSO. Pierceable with pipet tips, robotic probes and needles. Removes easily and cleanly from plate surfaces without tearing. Universal fit for use with both flat-top and raised-rim polypropylene plates. Smaller dimensions and chamfered corners result in no plate overhang for robotics applications, plate stacking and tight storage conditions. Features one end-tab with perforations for ease of handling, application and removal. Certified DNase- & RNase- free.

Aluminum foil, 50.8µm, 2.0mil
Acrylic, 36.8µm, 1.45mil
Functional temperature range:
-80°C to +120°C
Usable dimensions:
118.1mm x 78.3mm
4.65″ x 3.083″

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