Property Screening Pack (5 devices)

Product Code: 220-PSP1A
Brand: Securetec Detektions
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For the detection of methamphetamines on surfaces in residential and commercial properties, workplaces, vehicles and more.

Australia has the highest rate of ice/methamphetamine users per capita in the English-speaking world.

Contamination in properties where ice/methamphetamine is smoked or ‘cooked’ leaves residues on surfaces, walls, soft furnishings & in ventilation systems.

This is potentially lethal to future tenants and carries great risk for the structural integrity of a property, thus we recommend you screen any time a property changes hand.

With the Pathtech Property Screening Pack, you can quickly & effectively screen for the presence of ice/methamphetamine.  The DrugWipe 1A is a straight forward test to perform and requires minimal time to prepare and complete. The DrugWipe 1A is sensitive, accurate and reliable and will provide you with visible, qualitative results within as little as 8 minutes.

We have two options available:

5-Pack – Ideal for a 1-2 Bedroom Apartment, it includes everything you need to test all in one convenient carry bag;

  • Pathtech Cooler Bag (Fits your DrugWipes, accessories & paperwork)
  • DrugWipe 1A Surface Testing Devices (5)
  • Quick Reference Guide (Refresher on DrugWipe usage)
  • Nitrile Gloves (2 Sizes)
  • Underpads (2)
  • 10x10cm Cardboard cutouts (5)

Should you obtain an initial positive we can also guide you through where to go for the next steps in obtaining a more detailed analysis & remediation action plan.