Urine Drug & Alcohol Testing Starter Kit

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Pathtech offers a range of drug and alcohol detection starter kits to assist employers in performing their own in-house drug and alcohol testing. Our kits are ideal for those looking to introduce workplace drug and alcohol testing for the first time or for small to medium sized workplaces.

This drug testing starter kit is ideal for workplaces wanting to detect recent alcohol and drug use and would prefer the low cost of urine drug testing in comparison with saliva drug testing.

This kit includes:

x25 Eco Cup II 6 Panel Cups 

x1 HH3 Breathalyser

x100 Standard Mouthpieces

x1 Chain of Custody Book

x1 Hard Plastic Carry Case, Small

x1 HH Neoprene Cover

x1 A5 QRG

x1 Pathtech Timer

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