PDQeX PhytoGEM (500)

PDQeX PhytoGEM (500)

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Brand: MicroGEM

The PDQeX phytoGEM kit offers a simple hands-off method for DNA extraction and purification of a variety of plant samples.

Using MicroGEM’s PDQeX Nucleic Acid Extractor, there are only two simple steps – quick sample prep and closed tube automated DNA extraction and purification. The method provides quicker turn-around time for all plant sample types, even your toughest challenges.

Thermophilic proteinase and mesophilic cell wall degrading glycosyl hydrolases lyse cells, destroy nucleases, digest protein and release DNA
Streamlined approach provides plant to PCR-ready DNA from up to 24 samples of plant tissue, fungi or plant pathogens in less than 15 minutes
Easy sampling (such as crushing leaves onto a storage card) provides a long-term storage solution
Flexibility to use homogenized leaves or ground plant tissue – whichever sample prep suits your needs
Quick sample prep frees up technician time, reduces lab costs, and speeds up response time
Disposable, sealed tube protects the integrity of the sample
Superior removal of inhibitors
Simplified workflow and quick DNA extraction result in faster answers and interventions

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