prepGEM Bacteria (50)

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Brand: MicroGEM
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MicroGEM’s Bacteria Kit provides a simple automated approach to studying a wide range of microbial cultures. Every aspect of the MicroGEM method ensures the samples are processed quickly and gently. Minimal sample prep, closed tube processing, and gentle lysis ensure that cross contamination and DNA fragmentation are drastically reduced, making MicroGEM’s extraction process streamlined while preserving the integrity of low abundance species.

Novel temperature controlled enzymatic lysis using a thermophilic proteinase in combination with mesophilic Lysozyme
Rapid workflow- 1/4th the time taken by other methods
Easily automated for high throughput
Closed system- no cross contamination and protection against pathogens
Gentle lysis with no transfer steps- preserves DNA and improves community representation in metagenomic samples
Minimal handling and pipetting of samples- DNA is exceptionally intact and high molecular weight – perfect for long read nanopore sequencing
Can be easily adapted to different sample types and workflows