Ziath Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner

Ziath Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner

Product Code: 218-ZTS-HND
Brand: Ziath Ltd
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The handheld tube scanner requires no external computer and is easily operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to manipulate tubes. The software is pre-loaded and boots up immediately with a battery life of up to a week with casual use. This device allows you to scan tubes standing in the basement at the freezer or liquid nitrogen tank. Even out in the field acquiring samples.

To assist with the transfer of data on and off the handheld so that it can be used in environments with no computer network available the handheld comes with an associated client application to help define the data to store and load/unload it onto the handheld. This allows you to go into the deepest darkest corners of your sample storage and still be able to access your data!

The occurrence of condensation whilst scanning tubes straight from cryogenic storage is well known. Ziath’s cryoprotective coating eliminates the occurrence and ensures uninterrupted scanning. As Ziath’s method for eliminating condensation uses no extra electrical components reliability is increased and costs are significantly decreased.


  • Intelligent and fully portable 2D barcode reader for single tubes
  • Wired or wireless communications
  • Up- or down-load data from host computer
  • Operating modes selected from main screen icons
  • Full day operation without the need to re-charge the battery
  • Cryoprotection provided as standard
  • Can be customised for applications in your laboratory