Centrisart® A-14C Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

Centrisart® A-14C Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

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Product Code: 171-A-14C-1EU

Brand: Sartorius Australia

The microcentrifuge Centrisart® A-14C is extremely compact, space-saving. The powerful centrifuge provides a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm and a capacity of 24 × 2 ml. Microcentrifuge A-14C is ideal suited for nucleic acid isolation and purification using spin-columns and concentrating biological samples using Sartorius Vivaspin® 500 units.

Thanks to its small size the microcentrifuge Centrisart® A-14C fits on any laboratory bench. The low height and the motorized lid lock ensure convenient sample loading and removal. Upon a gentle push the lid closes automatically. On completion the lid can be unlocked by a single key stroke and lifts autonomously.

  • Splash-proof keypad with clear display
  • Keys with tactile feedback
  • Operation with gloves possible
  • Automatic conversion of speed and RCF
  • Speed 200 – 15,000 rpm, adjustable in steps of 100 rpm
  • Max. gravitational field (RCF) 16,602 g, adjustable in increments of 10 x g
  • Timer 10 sec. – 99 min., adjustable in steps of 1 sec., short run, continuous run
  • Optional soft start or soft stop
  • Memory of the last setting
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Motorized lid lock, automatic lid release
  • Emergency lid lock release
  • Ergonomic operation of the lid with one finger
  • Memory for 10 programs
  • Temperature range -10 – + 40°C, adjustable in steps of 1°C
  • Reliable sample cooling to 4°C even at max. rpm
  • Rapid pre-cooling mode

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