Picus Electronic Pipette 1-ch 10-300ul

Picus Electronic Pipette 1-ch 10-300ul

Product Code: 171-735061
Brand: Sartorius Australia
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Discontinued, replaced by Picus 2

Picus, the winner of the Red Dot design award and Fennia Prize Honorary Mention in 2012, is Sartorius’ newest, and most ergonomic, pipette family. Being the smallest and lightest electronic pipette on the market, it is designed to ease your workload and to provide protection from repetitive strain injury (RSI). Its new generation technology, electronic brake and piston control system guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results. By guiding pipetting steps the unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate work. Picus is available in single-channel models, covering the volume range of 0.2 – 10,000ul, and in multichannel models from 0.2ul to 1200ul. Includes USB Cable, AC Adaptor available at an addtional cost. 

  • The lightest and smallest electronic pipette protects from repetitive strain injury (RSI) and eases work load in long lasting pipetting
  • Effortless, light electronic tip ejection
  • New generation technology guarantees accurate and precise pipetting results
  • Fully electronic operations guarantee user-independent results
  • A unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate work, by guiding pipetting steps
  • Fastest volume setting and easy menu navigation with a unique adjustment wheel