24L Advanced Digital LED Waterbath

24L Advanced Digital LED Waterbath

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Product Code: 147-WB2400D

Brand: Ratek Instruments

Made For Everyday

The WBx000D range from Ratek is the latest generation of water baths from Australia’s favourite laboratory equipment brand. Designed completely from the ground up with temperature uniformity, safety and reliability in mind, the new range is packed full of features. The WBx000D baths can be utilised in a wide variety of biomedical, life science, and industrial applications as well as food and wine testing, and are available in 7, 12, 24 and 50 Litre capacities.

All models feature precision digital PID control with bright dual line LED display which indicates set and current temperatures, combined with simple up and down temperature control buttons. A large concealed submerged heater heats the bath quickly and with excellent spacial uniformity. The automatic water level sensor will cut power to the heating element when insufficient water is detected before a boil-dry situation is reached.

A user-configurable process over-temp audible and visual alarm also provides the user with peace of mind. The tank is constructed from a single piece of food grade stainless steel with seamless corners making cleaning a breeze. All baths are supplied with a removable stainless steel guard that protects the user from the heating element whilst giving a sturdy platform to work on. All models also feature an adjustable drain tap conveniently located to sit beyond the edge of the bench for simple and safe emptying of the bath. Ratek’s most advanced water baths to date offer simplicity with performance and can be run day in day out.

  • Seamless Tank With Excellent Spacial Uniformity
  • Bright Dual-Line Digital LED Display
  • Precision 0.1 deg C Digital Operation
  • User Configurable Process Temperature Alarm
  • Built-in Adjustable Drain Tap

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